Veisikring AS is one of the largest companies in Norway delivering road safety solutions. It’s a company that prides itself on being innovative and constantly develops new ideas and products.

We cooperate with larger construction companies operating in Norway and the public sector. Yearly turnover is between 150 and 200 MNOK and the company employs about 50 dedicated workers who tirelessly work for safer roads. Veisikring – saves lives!

Veisikring has several CE-certified systems and cooperates with primarily European suppliers. Yearly we install between 100 000 and 200 000 meters of different traffic barriers mainly in the southern and eastern parts of Norway. In addition, we deliver bridge parapets and concrete on-site solutions, precast elements, and in situ slip forming. A presentation of our products is listed under «PRODUKTER».

Veisikring AS is a part of Roadworks AS, with sister companies Otera, Veidrift and KF Entreprenør. As a group, we can deliver everything from asphalt paving, electrical infrastructure, electrical high and low voltage systems, signage, and preliminary and permanent safety solutions.

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Veisikring AS
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